The FIRST network of small satellites and terrestrial servers that stores
digital currency wallets and private keys eliminating the use of the Internet.

Private Key Custody Problems


You are in control.  However, if you lose the keys or someone gets access, your assets are gone.

Hot and Cold Wallets

Hot wallets are not as secure and cold wallets are inconvenient.

Multi-Sig Wallet

This gives a layer of protection because 2 or more people approve transactions.  But, there could be disputes between signatories.

Third Party Custody

You must rely on the security of a company or institution which have been hacked or lost keys belonging to their clients.

The LockBox Decentralized Custody and
Overlay Satellite Network Solution

With transmission technology not yet seen in the market, LockBox brings a new approach

to storing digital currency wallets and private keys in a network of small satellites.

- Unparalled security.
- Cannot be physically accessed.
- Eliminates the use of the Internet.
- Secure, seamless and fast blockchain interoperability.

The Path To Decentralized Custody

Phase 1 (Secure):  The LockBox mobile app gives you secure access to your private keys in our servers over the Internet using current state of the art technology.


Phase 2 (More Secure):  LockBox will release a hardware device that will communicate with our secure servers using the LockBox-VPN transmission technology.  This eliminates the use of the Internet.

Phase 3 (Most Secure):  LockBox will launch satellites that will store your private keys and digital currency wallets.  The hardware device will use the same LockBox-VPN transmission technology directly connecting to the satellite network.  This not only eliminates the use of the Internet but your wallet cannot be physically accessed.